CandyMoon™- Blocks Balance Game

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Are you looking for a Montessori game for your little one that is fun and educational at the same time? WE BRING YOU CandyWood Moon Balance Game. It is just ideal for your little brainer! It’s fun and helps in building sensory skill in children. It is perfect gift for a Montessori going kid, you can also play with them and engage them in this extremely fun activity!


  • Wooden design
  • Helps develop sensory skills
  • A fun educational game to help toddlers learn colors and balance.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination.
  • Balanced toys can exercise children's practical ability, cultivate patience in constant attempts, and also explore skills and brain exercise.
  • Introduction to multi-player games for toddlers
  • Suitable from 3 years (play with adult)

Package Size: 21x18x6cm (8.3x7x2.4in)