Infant Sleep Pillow Adjustable Memory Foam Support Wedge

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  • ✪ BETTER SLEEP – 100% cotton, premium quality baby sleep pillow for cribs. The best of the best is here to give your infant better sleeping. The baby sleep pillow comes with velvet cover and inner waterproof cover, along with memory foam.
  • ✪ COMFORTABLE REST – The design and softness, along with the use of a longer wedge block (for the back) and shorter soft wedge (for the stomach) keep the baby ultra-comfortable & enable better posture for safer sleep
  • ✪ BREATHABLE & ADJUSTABLE – The memory foam assures great air ventilation and breathability throughout the night. No worries, your infant will have a good posture and will avoid the unwanted flat head positon, since the wedges are adjustable up to 20cm as your little one grows up.
  • ✪ EASY TO WASH - Just remove the memory foam cover & wash the wedges.
  • ✪ 100% GUARANTEED QUALITY – We want quality first for your baby’s health. That’s why we use 100% tested, premium materials with guaranteed quality!

It’s a known fact that infants need to sleep on the side on a soft surface. However, babies can move and sleep without bad posture. This baby sleep pillow will keep your baby in a good posture and prevent flat head. 
With its smart design the pillow has 90 and 45 angle positioning, the baby will stay on the side and have a great sleep without any posture or breathing problems. 

Best selected soft quality materials 
Soft, breathable and adjustable are the best ways to describe these baby sleep pillow support wedges. Featuring 100% cotton velvet cover and inner waterproof cover, along with memory foam the softness and design of the pillow will take your baby’s sleep on another level! It’s easy to wash as well, just take out the foam wedges before washing! 

Adjust the width
The comfort is guaranteed for any baby 0-6 months old since the width of the wedges can be adjusted from 10+ to 20cms. Adjust the width as your baby grows in height and weight! 

Light & compact – Great for Travel, NO turning over
Traveling with your baby? No problem! The baby sleep pillow is light and soft, and extremely easy to carry with you. It solves the problem when you are afraid to let your baby sleep in other places than home or to roll over. 

Why this 100% Cotton, Premium Quality Baby Sleep Pillow Wedges
✔️ soft 100% cotton
✔️ helps to avoid flat head 
✔️ gives your baby better sleeping
✔️ adjustable width
✔️ breathable with use of memory foam 
✔️ waterproof inner cover
✔️ easy to wash
✔️ 100% guaranteed quality

►Package included: 1 * Infant Sleeping Pillow






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