Inflatable Sprinkler Water Play Mat

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Every passing day in the summers feels like closer to the sun. The heat of the summer season is difficult to bear especially when the world is quarantined. People can’t go to the beach or have a fun hangout in these times. Beat the heat and have a little pool part of your own with our Inflatable Sprinkler Water Play Mat and enjoy the summers.

The blue color scheme for the Play Mat is ideal in giving a similar beach ocean vibe. The Play Mat is decorated with brightly colored aquatic animals with smiling faces that appeal to kids and adults alike. The friendly dolphin seems to invite all to have an enjoyable time while playing on the mat. The Play Mat is made from eco-friendly PVC, which is soft and has an anti-slip surface preventing kids from falling. It is easily attached to any water pipe/hose. The height of the sprinklers can be regulated through the water pressure from the tap. The Play Mat serves as a unique pool design through which water can be enjoyed in the form of rain.

It is the perfect gift for kids who love to play in the water and have the perfect relaxed pool parties at their home.


  • Unique water sprinkle and spray design
  • Ideal blue background like the beach or the ocean
  • The smiling faces of the vibrantly colored marine animals amuse and appeal the kids especially the friendly dolphin
  • Made from eco-friendly PVC material which is soft and anti-skid
  • Easily connected to any pipe/hose
  • Height of the sprinklers can be adjusted through the water source
  • A perfect gift for kids who want to enjoy summers and love to play in the water


  • Material: PVC
  • Sizes Available: 100cm,150cm,170cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Inflatable Sprinkler Water Play Mat
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