Kids DIY Pop Sucker Silicon Blocks

29.95 USD 44.95 USD

Research says if kids are introduced to DIY stuff in early age there are more chances that they end up being highly successful people. Kids DIY Pop Sucker Silicon Blocks are integrable silicon made parts that can be joined to make 1000s of different models. These are easy to join together and take little tug to remove. Our product is made up of non-toxic kids-friendly material and is un-harmful for children. You can also GIFT it to your kids to make their childhood amazing in creative activities.


  • Very Healthy DIY play for kids
  • High quality non-toxic material
  • Improve creativity of kids by building new things
  • Multiple color parts in 3 different set of boxes
  • Each part is flexible and can easily by pop and pull from each other
  • Eight unique, flexible shapes
  • Generously-sized components to fit in hands
  • Leaves no residue or marks on furniture
  • Can be presented as a fun creating worthy GIFT


Material: Silicon

Pieces per set: 33 PCS, 48 PCS, 58 PCS, 72 PCS

Color: Random