Mama BlackFriday Bundle

114.95 USD 254.95 USD

Get yourself the perfect maternity products with the exclusive Black Friday sale that can save you money on the best products to take care of yourself and your baby. Save a surprisingly 55% off on following maternity products:

  • Baby Nursing Pillow: - A soft pillow for your soft baby’s head back providing you and your baby a comfortable feel as you feed him.
  • Baby Nursing Bag: - A perfect nursing bag to carry all the necessary items of your baby whether it may be diapers or feeding bottles. This high quality bag has its own class and provides a great helping hand.
  • Maternity Panties: - High quality maternity panties providing your belly with great support throughout your pregnancy period.
  • Maternity Belt: - This maternity belt will provide you with the perfect support to your belly for your pregnancy.