Mama Feeding Bundle

94.95 USD 210.95 USD

It’s essential to give your newborn the nutrients of mother’s milk. For the ease of breastfeeding in this fast-paced world, we bring you the best products for the ease and comfort for you and your newborn. Save an amazing 55% off on the following products:

  • Breast Milk Pumping Bottle :- This electric breastfeeding bottle can be really a helping hand for your baby’s feeding process. The bottle automatically pumps milk and having cold heat pads keeps the temperature under control.
  • Nursing Bra With Milk Pumping :- A breast pump bra having an impeccable design that provides the best comfort and helps you to feed your baby with ease.
  • Breastfeeding Cooling Mat :- A cooling mat to keep your baby cool in warm summers during breastfeeding. An arm wearable mat to keep your baby’s head on your arms providing a comfortable feel.
  • Breastfeeding Tees :- These sleeveless maternity nursing tees will help with breastfeeding your baby in public places like parks. Having openings on either sides for breastfeeding there won’t be any problem for breastfeeding in public.