MiGate - Baby Safety Gate

29.95 USD

A lot of parents can't walk away from their babies or leave them alone, not even for going to the bathroom! For the simple reason that babies are curious and they would crash into every room in the house, notably, the kitchen too, place of chemicals, sharp items and boiling things. However, providing a safe environment to play for your baby is no longer an issue! 

Our new gate will allow you to have a closed off area for your child to play in and crawl as much as he wants, away from every danger, and finally, you will be able to move your sight away from him.
When not in use, the gate takes minimal space and blends perfectly with your home and decor, with a simple, yet elegant design.
The gate fits a variety of openings, you can use it on a daily basis for different purposes.
Last but not least, it's made of good material and it's built to last.


  • The gate is 29 inches/ 74 cm tall and expands to 72 inches/ 182 cm wide
  • Built with tough partially see-through woven mesh fabric woven to withstand damage
  • The unique woven barrier easily retracts so you can quickly pass-through
  • Completely assembled for immediate use. No tools required
  • Lightweight and portable to meet all your on-the-go needs
  • Each Set Includes one fabric woven, two stretchable poles and four sticky hooks.