Montessori Baby Toys Black White Flash Cards

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[BABY LOVES HIGH CONTRAST COLORS] From 0 to 6 months, newborn babies can only see objects range from 7 inches to 27 inches, and they are sensitive to black and white colors. They will show great interest to high contrast cards and stay focused on the cards.
[STIMULATING BRAIN DEVELOPMENT] Using black and white high contrast cards can stimulate babies' brain development. Baby's brain is not like adults, it is able to capture the fast-moving flash cards. As they learn more during childhood, their ability to learn when grow-up will be expanded
[PRACTICING EYE FOCUS] It uses the visual post-image principle to stimulate baby vision with simple black-and-white high contrast images, and develop the ability of infants to find goals and focus on both eyes
[ENHANCE PARENT BABY BONDING] The eye is the extension of the brain and promoting the health of the infant's visual nervous system is part of early childhood education. Showing black white flash cards to baby is also a good activity baby and parents enjoy, and it enhances the baby parents bonding
[100% PERFECT GIFT FOR NEWBORN] The Black and White High Contrast Cards the great choice for this Christmas, baby shower, holiday gifts. They are made with good material and 100% safe for baby. It will bring joy and fun to both baby and parents.