Silicone Bibs for Toddlers

14.95 USD

These waterproof silicone baby bibs are designed for boys and girls of toddler and baby ages. The products alleviate making a mess during meals.

Also, the silicone bibs are excellent travel companions as you can roll-up them. It has pockets for catching foods and liquids that spill during meals.

The cute silicone bibs are crafted from silky-soft and 100 percent safe food grade silicone.


  • It is reusable
  • The baby bibs will continue to work for you as it is storage roll-up and travel-friendly.
  • It simplifies clean up after meal time
  • After meals, just rinse the bibs under warm running water or place in a dishwasher; the waterproof bibs do not absorb water so you can keep immediately you clean them. You can roll them up quickly after cleaning.
  • Perfect for toddlers
  • The product is not bulky, hence it doesn't impede movement. You can adjust it easily as your child grows.