Silicone Kids Finger Wrist Band

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Are you worried about your child thumb sucking habit? WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU!Silicone Kids Finger Wrist Band is an auxiliary aligner for infants and toddlers who suck bad fingers. It is essentially a plastic tube that goes around the thumb and connects to a bracelet that snaps around the wrist.  The thought behind this design is that although the child can physically put their thumb in their mouth, the tube around the thumb allows air to pass though so they cannot form that “soothing suction seal” around the thumb. It is available in three attractive colors for your toddler.


FUNCTION: Auxiliary aligner for quit infants and toddlers who suck bad fingers

FOR AGE: This product is suitable for babies more than 3 months

SILICONE MATERIAL: The product made of high quality non-toxic silicone material, eco-friendly, non-harmful for baby, its safe and health to use

ADJUSTABLE: This finger guard adopts multipoint card buckle design, can adjust tightness degree according to the baby's arms freely

EASY TO CLEAN: Our product with a transparent portable receiving box, very mini, convenient to carry, and it is very sanitary



  • Condition: 100% High Quality
  • Material: Silicone
  • Weight: 100g
  • Size: 14.5*1.5cm
  • Colors: 3 Different colors available (white, yellow, purple)