Splash Potato™-A Fast Pass Game

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Are you looking for some cute yet hilarious stuff for adding in your family fun pool parties and to play for kids! Hot Potato is a hilarious water bomb game! It’s the wild tossing game that is safe in the water!  Squeeze the Hot Potato and the frantic family fun begins. See who gets splashed first with this exciting game that is sure to create summertime smiles.

How to play:

  • Fill the balloon with cold water and place it inside the potato
  • Players form a circle. A player winds the Hot Potato timer and tosses the potato to the next player.
  • Players continue tossing the Potato to the next player until time is up and the balloon bursts.
  • The player holding the Potato when balloon bursts loses and is eliminated.
  • The game continues until only one player remains. The player is the Hot Potato winner!



  • Material: Plastic
  • Battery: None
  • Dimensions:5cm


Package included:

  • Includes Hot Potato game
  • 100 water balloons
  • balloon filler