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During pregnancy, it can be very difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Simple Cloud Printed Pillow For pregnant women helps mitigate discomfort by offering support to the pregnancy shape with a special contoured shape.

The pillow configurations let moms find comfort regardless of they want to sleep -  on their side, back, or otherwise. So sleep peacefully all through the night with this Contoured Body Pillow.

  • Multi-functional support   

The Maternity Pillow can be shaped into different positions and it is a perfect support for watching TV, reading, or just resting.

  • Effective support

The body pillow lets you stretch out and offers equal support to all sides of your body. It helps align your hips for proper joint positioning. Furthermore, it helps ease pain and discomfort connected with ankle pain, sciatica, pregnancy, gastric reflux, fibromyalgia, lower back pain and more.

  • Great night sleep

No more repositioning at night with this Simple Cloud Printed Pillow For pregnant women. This specially designed body pillow alleviates the need for several pillows, hence, giving you the sound and painless sleep. The pillow will cradles your body and eliminates turning and tossing, keeping your shoulders, neck, shoulders, hips, and back aligned all through the night long.

Product details

  • Pattern Type – Striped, Letter, Patchwork, Floral, Plaid, Solid, Paisley, Dot, Geometric, Print, and Cartoon
  • Feature – Anti-Snore, Memory, Magnetic, Massage, Cooling, Therapy, Anti-Apnea, and Anti-Static
  • Material – 100% Cotton