Walk-A-Pig ™ Walking And Talking Toy

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Are you looking for a cutest gift for your little one? We introduce you WALK-A-PIG. He is a smart walking and talking pig! We are sure you will love playing with him as he is super cute and can talk to you whole day. YOU KNOW WHAT! He can also mimic your speech! ISN’T THS AN AMAZING FEATURE? Mr. Walk-A-Pig is very clever, whatever you’ll say to him he’ll copy and repeat it for you.

Walk-A-Pig walks so cutely that you couldn’t take your eye off while he is walking! It is a TREAT for eyes surely.


  • It is a Talking & Walking toy
  • It can not only talk but even mimic your speech
  • It helps you toddler to balance themselves by observing it walk.
  • A perfect gift for child to play with whole day


Material: plush and pp cotton

Size: 23cm

Package include: 1piece